Who are the leaders of this Group?

The leadership will consist of the General Board, which will be guided by the Group’s bylaws. No one will be able to unilaterally make decisions for the group.

What is the next step after the launching of the Manifesto?

We will expand the circle of participants, in order to fully develop the Manifesto and the programs that emanate from it. We will invite experts, academics, and other Iraqis who are in a position to contribute to the project and will form a general board and specialized committees representing...

How do we participate in the Manifesto Group?

Every Iraqi who cares for the country and believes in voluntary work and the principles of the Manifesto can work with the group and may contact the group via the published e-mail and social media to present his/her solutions for the challenges facing Iraq.

What is the Manifesto Group?

It is a group of independent Iraqis whose aim is to serve the national goals of a prosperous democratic Iraq.

How, and where, did you plan for the work to produce the Manifesto?

We worked on the Manifesto by consulting more than 500 Iraqis from all backgrounds, inside and outside Iraq. It is the product of three years, starting from Baghdad to the rest of Iraqi provinces and various countries. It has been so far a personal effort and within our own means, in order to...

How are you being financed?

Our financing is by members contributions in time and money. We will accept unconditional contributions when we expand our work, and will declare our finance sources. We will not accept donations from questionable sources or from entities that try to influence the goals of the Manifesto.

Do you have any relations with any entity inside or outside Iraq?

No. We are fully independent.

Is the Manifesto Group a political party?

No. It is an independent group that will remain outside the electoral politics, and will continue to operate voluntarily, aiming at preserving the rights of Iraqi people and addressing the challenges facing Iraq. It will not be registered as a political party, but its individual members can...

Does the Manifesto Group include the three authors, or are there other members?

The role of the three authors has been to set the general framework of the Manifesto project. The group is still being structured and other members are being included to play organizational and executive roles. Other members will be academics and experts, some of whom have been involved in the...

Does this vision include only the currently published text?

No. The Manifesto Group is working diligently to develop the published general concepts into comprehensive working papers focusing on professional and scholarly effort by a group of academics and other experts from different Iraqi backgrounds, inside and outside Iraq. These papers will be...

Is the manifesto a program for the coming elections?

No. It is a national vision involving a roadmap for the coming decade, aiming at taking Iraq out of the current political, economic, and security crises, and to help it merge into the international community as a developed modern state. The Manifesto Group have volunteered to develop this vision...